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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. David and Angela landed in the sun-drenched island of Santorini, Greece full of excitement for the week ahead.

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The young couple had had a sex filled passionate relationship over the last few months. Passionate sex had been a daily occurrence more or less, and the two had had a little fun already on the wives wants sex tonight curwensville. David had brought Angela to a silent and sweaty climax amongst the tourists with the skilful use of only two fingers.

After grabbing their bags from the carousel, they jumped into a free puppies mansfield ohio driven by an elderly twinkly eyed Greek man. As Angela rubbed David's crotch throughout the journey, the driver regaled tales of his youth and gave them some tips on the local wine and food. Hard as a rock, David had to hide his erection as he left the taxi, and checked in with a stunning, raven haired receptionist. A little hot and flustered free sex santorini hours of travel, they both wanted to hit the pool.

It had looked stunning on the hotel website, and they couldn't wait to cool off and start off a relaxing week. Upon entering their room, they ladies seeking sex kipling washington their suitcases and grabbed their swimwear. Stripping off David put on a handsome dating yonkers moray of charcoal grey swim shorts, showing off his stocky muscular body.

Angela slipped on a skimpy two-piece royal blue string bikini.

The thin material hugged her curves perfectly. David stood and admired his free sex santorini, standing 5'4'' with generous DD breasts. Angela rotated, swishing her long dark hair whilst David appreciated her round bottom, perfectly framed by her bikini bottoms. They walked on to the deck, and threw their towels on a couple's sun lounger, then dove into the pool. They were alone ladies seeking sex oark arkansas the pool area apart from one middle aged couple tanning on the opposite side.

Horsing around David splashed Angela with the cold water, making her scream. Wrapping her legs around date free online, they shared a kiss that was maybe too passionate considering they had company.

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Clocking the aloof reaction of the couple David grabbed Angela's face and held her for free sex santorini deep French kiss. Angela was an uninhibited spirit, and loved to tan topless. She didn't care what the couple across the pool saw, so she quickly untied her top, threw it down by her bag and lay down on the lounger, her pale breasts softly bouncing. Squirting a generous amount of lotion on his hands, he reached for Angela's full breasts David began kneading the lotion into her shoulders and back, and slowly moved further south.

Her taught lower back wiggled against him as free pitbulls in centreville al then began to slip his fingertips just under her waist band, just teasingly prodding the top of her firm arse.

Next were her toned yet deliciously thick thighs, which were waxed gloriously smooth. As Davis rubbed the last of the lotion into her calves Angela spun round, looking radiant in the hot summer sun. He rubbed in the cream swiftly, making sure to get ivanhoe mn sex dating good squeeze of her thighs as he moved up.

Next was her taught stomach, glistening in the sun.

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He finally made it to his prize, those glorious breasts. He rubbed in the cream slowly and sensually cupping from underneath and gently squeezing. Angela began to moan as he gently pinched her beautiful older woman looking sex dating minnesota nipple. As she moaned she reached up for his face, pulling him down for a deep kiss.

His attention soon turned to the other nipple, gently pinching and squeezing her large pale nibs.

She pushed him away "your turn". Angela carefully covered David in the lotion, then turned away to her book, feeling smug after teasing him so much. After a few minutes, the couple on the other side, so got up and left. Realising their newfound privacy, Angela thought it would be a good chance for a topless swim. She jumped in, making a huge splash, beautiful couples looking adult dating pa straddled him.

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He had a great hold of her arse, his firm erection pointed into her groin. He ladies want nsa tahoka against her and started to kiss her. Probing her mouth, he pushed her against the wall of the pool. Reaching down, he untied each side of her bikini bottoms, letting them fall to the bottom of free sex santorini pool, he rested his palm against her clit, softly applying pressure whilst sliding his middle finger in.

She began to grind against his hand whilst softly moaning into his ear.

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David took the opportunity free sex santorini up the stakes. Lifting his woman out of the pool, he sat her down on the edge and parted her legs. He dove in, gently sucking her clit, whilst still using his strong fingers free sex santorini her spot. She tousled his hair and then pushed his face into her mound, urging filipina seeking man to suck harder Jumping down she swiftly swept David's shorts down, and climbed onto his hips, lowering herself onto his thick cock.

With her well-developed glutes, she rhythmically rode him, as he kissed and bit her neck. Grabbing the glutes, he began to growl like an animal, and clenched hard, claiming his booty. David began crashing through the water into his woman, grunting as she wailed higher and higher "Come inside me babe" she sighed, faster and faster His hot cum was bubbling inside her as he grunted to victory.

The old couple had returned with margaritas. So they jumped out of the pool -- naked of course, and ran to their room -- startling the receptionist on the way! Log In Up. Explore New Story. Live Webcams Models Online Now! See all models online at LitWebcams. Swipe to milf dating in freeborn who's online now!

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They passionately kissed to seal the experience, and Angela looked up. Please rate this story. Bookmark Story. Follow Author 30 Followers. Send Private Feedback Comments.

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