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I am sitting on the sofa of my comfortable, north London living room, excited and a little confused. I'm in the easy company of a house guest, a woman I've known for 16 years. Her husband and two kids, and my wife and our own two children, aunties phone numbers in mildura for dating lie upstairs, supposedly asleep. The reason for my excitement and surprise is that the years of banter and gentle flirtation have percolated down to this: her hand is working inside my trousers.

Our friendship is blossoming into something meaningless.

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We're a tiny bit drunk, and we both know this is insane. Forget, for a moment, the multiple betrayals, the ill-considered adventurism. There is a pressingly urgent matter: the strong chance of discovery, with immediate trauma for housewives seeking casual sex penn in the house.

Her boy child is regularly having nightmares. But 50 dating service are both happy to risk his coming down, rubbing the fear from his eyes. If he stumbles upon the two of us, what a picture he will see. His mother is working away and soon brings the orgasm that we both seem to have decided upon as some kind of trophy.

I groan quietly.

Sex and the single mormon

Don't want to wake the. She stays silent for a lacey wa sex dating. Then she gets up, and goes upstairs to her husband, my friend. She doesn't say good night. She doesn't say anything. So, the facts. I am a man in the world of publishing. I'm in my early-middle years, and considered pretty much unobjectionable.

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What makes me supposedly predatory is my attitude. Not my attitude to women, but my attitude to sex.

You'll have to take me on trust here when I say that some of my best friends are women. It's not like the BNP member whose best mate is would you rather dating black.

What matters is the sex, pure and simple. Well, excavating around what I've done and who I am is the reason I've agreed to write this piece. For now, it's sufficient to say there has been and still is sex in my life - a lot of it.

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Sex is part of society, like it or not. And I relish the dangerous social cachet that comes with being a rogue male. I take a certain exhibitionistic pleasure in being open about it all. I love the pantomime and the prissiness almost as much as the doing of the deed. On the most superficial level I tease the curious about what I've 'got up to'. I reveal tiny titbits, hints of naughtiness. It's a mental peepshow, an end-of-pier pub entertainment for my friends. The females quiz me and laugh; I am bad - meet londonderry firemen good, bad man.

The men hoot. Some of them snigger.

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Some go quiet and become watchful. They're the ones with secret lives like mine. They are 'predatory' males. Whatever else I am, sexual raptor or psycho-sexual ingenu, I am not alone. That geary ok sex dating is certain. Yes of course I'm a narcissist, like so many men.

Yet I love sex, the taking of a woman to my bed or in a lavatory, or up against a wall for its own sake. There are things I've done that I've never told anyone. There's something going on here that's beyond pub talk, something that has a life of its own. But let's get the prurient bit out of the way first.

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How much is a lot of sex? Well, quite a bit, actually.

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I've been sexually active for over 20 years, married for more than 10 of them. Now I'm divorced, and one way or another life continues pretty much as it was before. Except that now the sexual episodes are not stigmatised as infidelities.

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s, of course. You andersonville tn sex dating s, and details. OK - I think I have slept with women. I'm no longer quite sure of the precisebut it's very close toor an average of around 9 sexual partners a year.

Why do women go out with deadbeat losers?

The vast majority of the time it's been simple, safe, meat-and-potatoes vaginal intercourse. But there have been the occasional sessions with handcuffs, dildoes. A couple of times I've wives want nsa aston to bed with two women.

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Once with a man and a woman. I ended up making the tea on that occasion. Is that a lot? The figure doesn't include the really opportunistic stuff: masturbation on planes, fellatio at parties. Oh yes, all that. I have braced myself against a bedroom door with no locks as a woman I met an hour ly kneels before me and unzips my fly. It was one of the most exciting experiences in life. As they say, better than sex.

Free out door sex it's not just been opportunistic.

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There has been naughty woman want sex tonight winnemucca occasional, utterly doomed love affair. Most notably with my ex-wife, with whom I remain on 'good terms'; things are as satisfactory as a post-marital relationship can be.

And no, it wasn't my infidelity that killed our relationship. Apart from a couple of business-trip flings, I was faithful for the first six years of our marriage.

Some of my best friends are women

What free kittens nashua nh for us was a vast, complex array of factors. Lack of sex in the latter years was among them. The tale is tawdry and will be depressingly familiar to many in a two-career marriage.

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Work pressure heightened the fatigue we both felt at bringing up two small children a boy and a girl. We began to walk away from each other as companions and bed mates.

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It was certainly one major cause among many of a slide that began as staleness, mushroomed local swingers in courtland alabama indifference, and swiftly marched on to outright hostility. In the latter years, when we both knew it was over, I broke the rules - and it's important to have rules if you believe it's at all possible to screw people without messing up their lives. I slept with a couple of her friends, one of whom I fell in love with, or thought I did.

Certainly, the women needed the sex as much as I did.